Specific web projects


History and chronology of cultural events

Since 2011, we technically do everything in this unique project, whose mission being to archive the history of performances in the entire world. Mainly centered around opera and “classic” instrumental music, it can be used as well for theatrerock ’n roll, cabaret, etc.

Most of the works done on this project are innovating, so we had to create lots of open source Django applications specially for Dezède (cachalottablatureviewsetssuper-inlinestree). By the way, Dezède itself is open source.

But Dezède is not just a technically interesting, it also contains:


History of justice, crime and punishment

Criminocorpus was made entirely by NoriPyt from October 2011 to February 2016. This portal gathers an impressive amount of sources and tools for justice historians, but also and mostly a “Museum” part intended for the general audience.

We are particularly proud of Legisetude, a tool created in order to study and compare different versions of a law, like it was done in Criminocorpus with the French civil code.

Among what we technically did in Criminocorpus :

  • a library containing thousands of digitized works
  • virtual tours, like the parisian “prison de la Santé”
  • exhibits, for example extremely fine art pieces done by prisoners

Classic websites


Thermal engineering office

E.G.S.E. is a showcase site for an thermal engineering office. It was done in February 2017 in collaboration with l’Atelier du Design for its design.

Sarah Kügel

Logos, visual identities, print, webdesign

Sarah Kügel is a talented freelance graphic designer with whom we often work – she’s by the way the creator of the NoriPyt logo.

We made her website in July 2016.

Peinture contact

We made this website during July 2016.

“La chambre des visiteurs”

Museum of Fine Arts of Rouen

La chambre des visiteurs (“Visitors’ Room”) is a website allowing the public from the museum of Fine Arts of Rouen to vote for the works to be exhibited soon. This is part of an event called Le Temps des collections from the Réunion des Musées de la Métropole de Rouen (“Union of the Museums from the Metropolis of Rouen”).

We made the 2016 edition of this website during August 2016. It has been since replaced since August 2017.

Design (except the logo) by Sarah Kügel.

Content by Yusit.

Museum of Rouen

In February 2015, the Natural History Museum of Rouen commissioned us the development of its first website. The goal was to have a site at once elegant, modern and attractive to young audiences.

The launch in July 2015 was a success, but unfortunately the site was removed in February 2016 for political reasons and replaced by another.

BNI Utopia

NoriPyt is part of a BNI group called Utopia, and created its website during September 2016. It was made again in January 2017 to show group members and activities.


Nymphographie is a shop selling postcards & posters of poetic graphic compositions. Its landing page was done in November 2016.

Research & development


Website acceleration


Django views simplification


Django admin improvement


Automatic link addition


Tree structure storage